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Lets #ChangeForClimateChange!




Our Approach

Starting from analysing the most material sustainability aspects of your business,​ ​to developing multi-year ​Corporate ​Sustainability ​Strateg​ies​, developing​ local and international​ ​Sustainability ​Projects ​and​ implementing operational​-level corrective actions​ following relevant audits​, our multi-disciplinary team will partner you from your C-​Suite​ ​down to​ the factory floor​, helping you achieve your sustainability goals.


At CCC, we believe in taking a proactive approach towards sustainability. We work with our clients to identify and assess their most significant environmental impacts, and then develop a comprehensive multi-year sustainability strategy. Our goal is to help our clients achieve their sustainability objectives while also creating long-term value for their business.


Through our advisory services, we strive to make a tangible impact on our clients' sustainability efforts . We strongly advocate against greenwashing and ensure transparent communication around everything we do.


Our services range from assessing Scope 3 emissions and  helping clients set up tangible decarbonisation and net zero plans, to conducting lifecycle assessments, environmental product declarations and a portfolio of other environmental auditing services. 

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